CaribeWave/Lantex 13 Evaluation (English)

Introduction and Background


Dear CaribeWave/Lantex 13 National Contact,

Thank you for participating in Exercise CaribeWave/Lantex 13. Hard-copy exercise evaluation forms should be completed by each participating agency and forwarded to the country's CaribeWave/Lantex13 National Contact. The CaribeWave/Lantex 13 National Contact should then compile the agency evaluation forms, and complete the official on-line CaribeWave/Lantex13 Country Evaluation Form (this form).
Only ONE (1) on-line evaluation form is to be completed per country or jurisdiction with officially designated tsunami warning focal (dissemination) point.

The online survey also provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations to submit their feedback.

This CaribeWave/Lantex 13 Evaluation Form should be submitted online using this URL no later than 1 April 2013 (within 11 days of CaribeWave/Lantex 2013).

Alternatively, the CaribeWave/Lantex 13 Evaluation Form (MsWord version) can be submitted by email to the CairbeWave/Lantex 13 Task Team Chairs.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Exercise Chair!

Thank you for your participation,

Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade,Exercise Chair and CTWP Manager(
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