2012-2013 Media Center Survery-Students

1. When doing research, I have been able to find the information I needed.
2. The media staff is helpful and approachable.
3. I know about and use the school's electronic resources regularly
4. The environment of the media center is inviting and comfortable.
5. There is enough technology in the media center to complete my assignments.
6. The media center has adequate technology and equipment to enhance my learning.
7. The media center has adequate print material to enhance my learning.
8. The media center has adequate non- print material to enhance my learning.
9. The media center has an adequate collection of books to enhance my learning.
10. Students have adequate access to the materials in the media center.
11. Students have input on what is purchased for the media center.
12. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions for materials for the media center.
13. The media program at this school serves the needs of my technical program.
14. Customer service is adequate in the media center.
15. The media center provides useful resources for student research.
16. Please give any suggestions for new materials, equipment or services you would like to see offered in the media center.
17. Feel free to add any further comments regarding TECO's Media Center
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