4th Annual Blue Tie Ball

1. How did you hear about the Blue Tie Ball?
2. Did you like the room configuration this year?
3. How would you rate the different food stations?
PoorNeeds ImprovementGoodExcellent
Latin America (Tapas Bar)
Polynesian Islands
South Korea (Sushi Bar)
Dessert Station
4. What silent auction categories interest you most (1 being the most)?
Wolf Pack Items
5. Are there silent auction items that you would like to see next year that we didn't have this year?
6. Did you sign up for and use the GiveSmart Mobile Bidding Service?
7. Did you find the mobile bidding process easy to use?
8. If not, did you find the GiveSmart representatives helpful?
9. Did you take advantage of viewing the items prior to the event?
10. Would mobile bidding be your preferred method of bidding in the future?
11. What was your favorite part of the evening?
12. What changes or improvements could be made to the Blue Tie Ball?
13. Event Overall?
PoorNeeds ImpovementGoodExcellent
Event Overall
14. Will you be attending the 5th Annual Blue Tie Ball on Saturday, March 29, 2014?
15. Additional Comments?
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