Arthritis Foundation Juvenile Arthritis Webinar

Thank you for attending the Arthritis Foundation Juvenile Arthritis Webinar. Please complete this survey - your responses will help us plan future webinars!
1. Overall, how would you rate the quality of this webinar?
2. How was the overall presentation?
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecidedDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The speaker presented material in an organized, clear manner
I felt free to ask questions
I enjoyed the speaker presentation
I learned from this presentation
the location, date, and time were convenient
3. How did you attend this webinar?
4. Rate the quality of your experience using Webex for the webinar with one indicating an unfavorable experience and five indicating a very positive experience
5. Please rate the following presentation formats from one to five. One being the best format and five being the least convenient format.
In-person seminar during the week
In-person seminar on the weekend
Webinar during the week at lunch
Webinar during the week at dinner
Recording to listen to at your convenience
6. I am a(n)...please check all that apply
7. How did you find out about this webinar?
8. Please comment on what you liked or did not like about this webinar and/or suggestions for how to improve it. Please also include any suggestions for future topics and agenda items.
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