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ASPS Call for Experts

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The ASPS Quality and Performance Measurement Committee is pleased to announce the "Call for Experts" to serve as work group members during the development of the Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guideline on Autologous Breast Reconstruction.

Application due date:
August 21, 2013

Work Group Member Criteria:
Experience with guideline development, evidence based medicine/processes, quality improvement, research, preparing systematic reviews, epidemiology, or statistics is desirable, but not required.

Work Group Selection:
Up to ten ASPS members will be invited to serve on the Autologous Reconstruction Guideline Work Group. Invitations will be sent by September 13, 2013. The selected Work Group members will work with stakeholder organizations and ASPS staff to produce an objective, evidence based guideline.

Member, Work Group Responsibilities:
A work group member is an active participant in the development of the guideline and must attend the introductory meeting and participate in supplemental conference calls and online discussion regarding the development of the guideline. Guideline work group members are responsible for determining the guideline scope, developing clinical questions, defining literature search criteria, reviewing relevant literature, developing evidence based recommendation statements, and approving the final draft of the guideline for submission to the ASPS Executive Committee.

Chair, Work Group Responsibilities:
In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, the work group chair is responsible for managing Guideline Work Group meetings, facilitating discussion and arbitration among differing opinions, enforcing adherence to the guideline scope and process, and facilitating the recommendation development process.

Introductory Meeting:
The introductory meeting will tentatively be held on November 9, 2013 at ASPS Headquarters in Arlington Heights, IL. Travel costs for ASPS members that are members of the Guideline Work Group will be reimbursed by ASPS.

Time Frame:
The guideline development process is expected to take approximately 12 months, depending on the scope of the guideline.

Questions can be directed to Amy Ahuja, MPH, ASPS Quality Programs Associate at 847-981-5401 or

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