Website satisfaction survey 2014

1. Please tell us what you think

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It will only take a few moments to tell us what's good and bad about the ORR's website. Your feedback will be used to improve our service to you.

1. How easily did you find what you were looking for today?
2. How would you rate the language used on the website in general?
3. Is it clear from visting the website what the role of ORR is?
4. How satisfied were you with your visit today?
5. Did you get everything you wanted from the website?
6. Please rate the website of the following aspects
Very goodGoodNeither good nor poorPoorVery poorDon’t know
Ease of use
Attractiveness of design/appearance
Ease of finding information/services
Information that was clear and easy to understand
Accurate and up to date information
Usefulness of the site search
7. Please tell us how useful you have found the following features of the website?
Please select N/A if you haven’t used that feature.
UsefulNeither useful or not usefulNot usefulN/A
Horizontal global navigation menu
Left hand local navigation menu
Site search
Advanced search filters
Twitter feeds
Scrolling tables (mobile view only)
Mobile and tablet views (the layout adapts to the type of device you are using to access the website)
8. What was your main reason for visiting this website?
9. Did you visit this website mainly for personal or professional reasons?
10. How likely are you to recommend this website to a colleague or friend?
11. How did you arrive at our website today?
12. Is there anything else you want to say about the ORR website?