Language Without Borders 2011 - Exhibitors

1. How did you hear about Languages without Borders that occurred in April 2011?
2. Rate the quality, content, and timeliness of:
Email communications and confirmations received?
Customer service you received from the LWB coordinators?
Support on-site from conference organizers (set-up, dismantling, transportation, etc…)?
3. How would you rate:
More timeKeep the sameLess time
Time for set-up and dismantling?
Time/hours for exhibit trade show?
4. Rate the business benefits of having breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks in the Exhibit Hall.
5. For future conferences, should the exhibit trade show be:
Open during Thursday evening reception
Open during Friday evening reception
Located where breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch are served
Open during lunch (Friday and Saturday)
Open on all 3 days of the event (Thursday Evening, Friday, and Saturday)
Open on 2 days of the event (Friday/Saturday and no evenings)
Open on 1 day of the event (Friday only, with late closing)
6. What is your level of satisfaction with the value of the exhibit show (cost of booth per returned business opportunities)?
7. General Comments (Positive or Negative) and Suggestions
We sincerely thank you for your involvement in the Languages without Borders National Conference and for participating in this feedback email survey!
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