NBA LIVE 14 Session

Hi all,

We are placing a call out for people to come and attend an all day session on Thursday August 22nd. During this all day session we will be looking at various elements of the game, in order to gather some feedback on the game and it's ability to hold peoples attention and excitement over a lengthy period of time.

Since this session is scheduled to run all day (11:00pm to 5:00pm), we will be providing a lunch and will also be compensating all those that are selected to attend with 3 EA games of their choosing.

If you play NBA LIVE or are simply a fan of the sport of basketball please apply to attend. We are looking forward to having you attend and hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for your time.
1. Please answer the following:
2. When did you last attend a Playtest session at EA?
3. Do you have a favorite basketball team? if so, which one and why? if not, why do you not have a favorite team?
4. For the sport of Basketball, please tell us the level of fandom:
5. How excited are you for the release of the new game in the NBA LIVE series?
6. Which of the following NBA tiles have you owned and played?
7. How would you label yourself as a gamer?
8. If you play FIFA, which of the game mode do you play? and how frequently do you play them?
Frequency of use
Play Now
Career Mode
Seasons Mode
FIFA Ultimate Team
9. If you play NHL, which of the game mode(s) do you play? and how frequently do you play them?
Frequency of use
Play Now
Hockey Ultimate Team
Be a Pro mode
Season Mode
Be a GM Mode
GM Connected
10. Any additional information that you would like to pass on:
11. If selected to participate you will receive an EA game of your choice from the following list. Please indicate which console you'd like your title on in the text field below. Participants receiving their chosen game is subject to availability.
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Game Choice
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