News interests and the Chicago Reporter

News interests

This survey was created by a Northwestern University journalism class doing research on local news interests and the Chicago Reporter. It should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.
1. What news topic in the Chicago area, if any, have you and your friends or family been talking about recently?
2. In general, how interested are you in news coverage of the following topics in the Chicago area?
Very interestedSomewhat interestedNot at all interested
Government and politics
Health and medicine
Religion and faith
Children and family
Labor and employment
Media and entertainment
Criminal justice
3. Please indicate how frequently you do the following
Once a day or more3-6 days a week1-3 days a weekLess than once a weekNever
Get news online
Get news with a cellphone
Get news with a tablet computer such as an iPad
Access Facebook online
Access Facebook with a cellphone
Access Facebook with a tablet computer such as an iPad
Use Twitter online
Use Twitter with a cellphone
Use Twitter with a tablet computer such as an iPad
4. How would you describe your relationship with the Chicago Reporter print magazine? Please choose the closest answer for you personally.
5. How frequently do you visit the website? Please select the closest answer for you personally.
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