Book Club Survey

"The Language of God" Book Club


1. Which describes your primary use of the book club discussion questions?
2. Which statement best describes your level of involvement with the online discussion of the book club?
3. How would the following proposed changes impact your involvement in the online discussion?
Increase participationNo ImpactDecrease participation
Moving the online discussion to Facebook.
Holding online discussions as Google Hangouts.
Changing the online discussion to a live chat format.
Moving the online discussion to its own page on the BioLogos website.
4. How helpful were the following book club components?
Extremely helpfulSomewhat helpfulNot helpful at all
Discussion questions
Supplemental materials
Online discussions
Overall book club experience
5. How have your views been impacted by this book club? (Optional)
6. What books would you like to see in future book clubs?
7. Check any that describe you:
8. In what country do you currently reside?
9. What city do you currently live in?
10. How long have you been familiar with BioLogos?
11. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
12. Which category below includes your age?
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