Implementing Project-Based Learning

This survey is collecting data about Project-Based Learning in order to assist researchers and administrators in understanding more about the implementation of Project-Based Learning. This survey is designed to take about 3-8 minutes.
1. Are you a school administrator?
2. In what state is your school?
3. Have your school(s) used project-based learning?
4. At what scale has project-based learning typically taken place at your school(s)?
5. Identify your context(s), in which project-based learning takes place. (check any that apply)
6. Project-Based Learning is effective for...
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecidedDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Engaging students in learning
Stimulating critical thinking
Classroom differentiation
Student collaboration
Increasing the quality of education
7. What is the most important quality leading to the implementation of project-based learning at your site(s)?
8. The following presents a barrier to implementing project-based learning:
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecidedDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Lack of time
Competition w/ curriculum
Difficulty w/ assessments
Lack of professional development
Classroom management challenges
9. What has been your main barrier in implementing project-based learning?
10. What other comments do you have about the implementation of project-based learning?
11. Please share your name, phone number, or email if you are willing to be contacted to discuss project-based learning in you school.
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