Connecticut General Assembly Legislative Website Survey

The Connecticut General Assembly website is currently in the beginning processes of a complete overhaul and redesign. We would welcome all suggestions you may have to offer us to make your access and usage of the CGA website a better and more fluid experience.
1. What is your purpose for visiting the site?
2. How often do you visit the site?
3. What is your primary device used to access the site?
4. What is your secondary device?
5. What is your occupation
6. Please rate your ability to locate the information you are looking for.
7. How can the website navigation be made more effective?
8. What type of information are you looking for?
9. What content would you like to see added to the website that is not currently available?
10. What content on the website should be made more visible?
11. What other features or improvements would you like to see on the website (language translation, text size, social media, etc.)?
12. Please add your comments and other recommendations.