Faculty and Staff of the Quarter Nominations

The Faculty and Staff of the Quarter recognition program identifies current faculty and staff employees whose exceptional contributions to BCM either directly or indirectly advance the College's mission and values. Employees are encouraged to nominate colleagues who deserve this special acknowledgement. Employees are allowed to nominate faculty and staff in other missions.

Nomination Categories:

CLINICAL MISSION - Employees in a clinical environment
  • Clinical Physicians
  • Clinical Leaders
  • Clinical Employees - (Clinical techs, MAs, LVNs, RNs, NPs, PAs, etc.)
  • Administrative/Professional Employees - Clinical Environment
  • (Non-clinical or non-managerial staff; includes Research Coordinators)
RESEARCH MISSION - Employees in a research/lab environment, including CCM employees.
  • Research Faculty (tenured or non-tenured)
  • Research Leaders
  • Research Technical Staff/Postdocs
  • Administrative/Professional Employees - Research Environment
ACADEMIC AND CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION - Faculty and staff in an academic or central administration department.
  • Academic or Central Administration Leaders
  • Administrative/Professional Employee - Academic or Central Administration Department
For more information on program guidelines and award information, please visit our You FIRST website.
1. Please enter YOUR information:
2. Nominee Information:
3. Please select the nomination category:
4. Describe how the employee's actions improved quality, efficiency, productivity, employee morale or service. Things to remember in submitting the nomination:

a) Outline an initiative(s) or behavior(s) - Be sure to include opportunities for action taken by the nominee, any challenges faced and how the individual overcame the setbacks.

b) Include any specific details or examples - Use stories, behavior examples, descriptions, statistics, and milestones to explain and support the nomination.

c) Focus on the results and positive impact to BCM - Outline the results achieved from the individual's initiative/behavior. Provide examples of the positive impact on co-workers, internal or external customers/patients, or the Baylor organization as a whole.

d) Express a personal sentiment and sincerity - Personally convey the value you place on the contributions of the employee.