Log Insight Technical Preview Nomination

1. Please provide contact information for the company and main contact that will be responsible for Log Insight Technical Previews deployment and evaluation. Please note that VMware vCenter Log Insight product team may contact you for additional information during the Technical Previews.
2. What type of log analysis solution are you using today? (Choose all that apply)
3. How many and which hypervisors are deployed in your environment?
VMware vSphere ESXiMicrosoft Hyper-VOpenStack
I don't use this hypervisor
1 - 10
10 - 50
50 - 100
100 - 500
500 - 1000
More than 1000
4. How many devices will be sending logs to Log Insight as part of your deployment?
5. What is the main source of logs for your evaluation? (Choose all that apply)
6. How long will you need to keep logs available for immediate query (Non archived)?
7. Will the main contact be able to report bugs and feature requests on a regular basis to our community site?
8. Please describe the deployment environment as detailed as possible
9. Please rate the importance of each of the following log categories for your company:
Not usefulRarely usefulUsefulImportantVery importantN/A
Networking devices
Physical servers
Linux OS
Windows event logs
Security logs
Other applications
10. Are you currently using VMware vCenter Operations Management?
11. What other VMware management tools are you currently using? (Select all that apply)
12. Who is(are) your primary provider(s) for networking infrastructure?
13. Who is(are) your primary storage provider(s)?
14. Who is(are) your primary server provider(s)?
15. Please describe your Authentication and Authorization setup. AD, LDAP, other? How many controllers, how many domains, etc.?
16. I would like to receive email communications related to VMware including newsletters and invitation-only events. I understand that any information I provide will be treated in accordance with the VMware Privacy Policy.
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