2014 Fennema Lecture Review

1. Please select your top three choices for a 2014 Fennema Lecture Candidate:
First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Tyler DeWitt
Richard M. Felder
Karl A. Smith
Diane O'Dowd
John Davis
Sir Ken Robinson
Diane Elbert-May
Richard S. Moog
Eric Mazur
Simon Bates
Susan A. Ambrose
Neal Van Alfen
Guido Barilla
2. Please select your top three Topical Priority choices for the 2014 Fennema Lecture:
First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThrid Choice
Case Studies as tools for food science education
Innovations that work in the classroom
Research on teaching and learning
Best practices
Skill development
Leveraging technology for learning
Learning assessment
Grant writing relevant to teaching and learning/Securing outside funding resources
Collaboration across industry-academia-government-NGOs in the era of 'open innovation'
75 years of Teaching & Learning Milestones
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