Forrester Research Software Licensing Survey

Thank you very much for taking this survey. If you cannot or don’t want to answer any of the following questions, please feel free to leave the answer blank.
1. Name of my company (optional). Please enter the name of your company to allow us to avoid double counting and data inconsistency. We will not use any company names in our research reports unless explicitly approved.
2. My contact details to receive a complementary summary of the survey results (optional)
3. Our software company offers the following software solutions (please select all that apply)
4. We sell our software mainly in the following region(s) (please select all that apply)
5. We currently employ the following number of people
6. The following describes best my role/department in our company
7. Our company currently offers the following software licensing model(s) (select all that apply)
Do you offer this licensing model?How much does this licensing model contribute to your total software license revenue?How do you expect the contribution of this licensing model to your total software revenue will change over the next 5 years?
Perpetual software license (CAPEX) plus ongoing maintenance fees
Subscription financing model (CAPEX) where the customer pays the total license fee over an agreed amount of time (e.g. annual payment over 5 years)
Subscription service license (OPEX) where the customer pays for the software in form of services, typically a fixed service fee per month/year, including maintenance services.
Dynamic pricing (OPEX) that scales up and down based on e.g. usage of the software.
Project based pricing that combines software plus project implementation services into one price.
Other software licensing model (please specify in the next question)
8. Please describe briefly your software licensing model in case you have selected ‘Other software licensing model’ in question 7
9. Channel strategy (select all that apply)
Do you use this sales channel?How much does this sales channel contribute to your total software license revenue?How do you expect the contribution of this sales channel to your total software revenue will change over the next 5 years?
We sell our software via a direct sales channel
We sell our software via value-added-resellers (VAR) or solution partners
We sell our software via managed or hosted service providersWe sell our software via brick-and-mortar retailers or their online stores (e.g., Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Media Markt)
10. Flexibility of the licensing model (select all that apply)
11. Our software license includes the following software related services (select all that apply)
12. Cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
13. Pricing metric and value based pricing (select all that apply)
14. What value has your software added to your clients’ business? (select all that apply)
15. How long have you had your current software licensing model(s)?
16. If you have changed your software licensing model, how has this impacted your (your customer’s) business?
17. Value: Does your software licensing model differentiate you from competition?
18. Please add any additional comments regarding your software licensing (challenges, issues, advantages, disadvantages, etc.)
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