RHS scented plants survey

What are your favourite scented garden flowers through the year?

The Garden magazine is compiling an article to be published in 2014 on the best flowering plants to grow for scent, and we would love to hear which ones gardeners most enjoy. Think about the scents that epitomise different seasons; would summer be complete without the scent of a particular rose or sweet pea? Perhaps you find the spicy perfume of wintersweet or sweet daphne helps warm up the frigid winter days; is the scent of wallflowers in spring or the delicate fragrance of mahonia in autumn an essential part of your garden?

Please let us know by 30 April 2013
1. What are your favourite spring scented flowering plants? (Up to three)
2. What are your favourite summer scented flowering plants? (Up to three)
3. What are your favourite autumn scented flowering plants? (Up to three)
4. What are your favourite winter scented flowering plants? (Up to three)
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