MBTA Countdown Survey
1. On a scale of 1 - 5 what is your overall level of satisfaction with the MBTA?
Very DissatisfiedVery Satisfied
Think about your last trip at South Station, Downtown Crossing, or Park Street where you boarded the Red line...
2. At which station did you board the Red Line?
3. What time did this trip begin?
4. How time sensitive was this trip?
5. On a scale of 1 - 5, how did you feel about your wait on this trip?
6. To which station were you headed on this trip?
7. How long did you wait for the Red Line at South Station on this trip?
8. How long do you usually wait for the Red Line at South Station on this trip?
9. How often do you make this trip?
10. How often do you ride the MBTA?
11. Did you check real-time subway information before or during this trip? Check all that apply.
12. Did you see one of our new countdown clocks? (Countdown clocks display the time until the next train)
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