ESF Women's Caucus Program Interest and Availability Survey, Spring 2014


We'd like to know what topics we should offer, and the times that work best for you. It should only take a few minutes for you to click you way through these questions. For more information about upcoming or past programs, please visit http:/
1. What sorts of programs should we offer or spread the word when we hear of existing opportunities? Please rank between love and ugh, AND indicate if this should be limited to the ESF Women's Caucus (vs offered campus wide).
InterestRestrict audience to women?
pay equity
negotiation skills (e.g., assertion, without 'bitch' connotation)
Planning for sabbaticals and leaves (including family)
Recognizing and responding to biases directed at me
Helping allies respond to biases affecting others
Purely social programs
Women's health
Balancing work and anything else
Communication across generations (kids, parents, incoming frosh?)
Elder care
Dealing with difficult people
Grant writing
Website development
Writing for scientific publication
Eco-feminism (linkages between ecology and social movements, particularly gender based)
Research presentations with a gender focus
Meet your colleagues and their areas of expertise (mini-research presentations?)
Financial planning for women
Climate for women around the world (e.g., Girl Rising)
Gender stereotypes and the media (e.g., Miss Representation)
2. Could you suggest someone (including yourself!) to discuss any of these topics?
3. Would you be willing to share your research, or talk about a program (on- or off-campus) in which you are involved? (If so, please include your name and the topic, so we can follow up!)
4. May I contact you for more information?
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