LoL Player Experience

We design reputation systems for online communities. Help us understand player experiences in League of Legends.

-Metamocracy LLC (
1. How old are you?
2. When did you start playing LoL?
3. How often do you play?
4. Which of the following games do you most often play?
5. Do you more often play ranked games or normal games?
6. How would you rate the quality of your interactions with other players?
7. I don't like the tone some people use to talk to me. This is a ...
8. I get matched up with teammates who are way better/way worse than I am. This is a...
9. People leave halfway through the game. This is a...
10. My teammates do a poor job of communicating. This is a...
11. I am matched up with people who don't take the game seriously/take the game way too seriously. This is a...
12. Beyond what we've asked about, are there players that frustrate you and that you'd like to avoid ? If so, what behavior is it that causes the problem?
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