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This feedback survey has four questions and takes less than 1 minute to complete. It will help us continue to improve and develop this resource.
1. Are you a:
2. How did you hear about this website?
3. How far did this website provide the information you needed?
All of what I neededSome of what I neededA little of what I neededNone of what I needed
4. Please rate the following aspects of this website
Very poorPoorNeither good nor poorGoodVery good
Ease of use
Relevance of information to you
Trustworthiness of information
Amount of information provided
5. What other subject areas do you think this website should cover?
6. Any other comments or suggestions?
7. If you'd like to be involved in a panel/reference group to further develop this site, we'd love to hear from you - please leave your name and email address (optional).
Thank you very much for completing this survey!
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