2014 West Point Half-Marathon

1. Overall, how would you rate this year's event?
2. What time would you like the WP Half to start?
3. Did you like the route as is or would you change it?
4. Parents: Would you prefer the kid's race to be held 30min prior to race start rather than afterwards?
5. What did you think of our race shirt and finisher coin?
6. Please rank the following race features (#1 = favorite,  #9 = least favorite)
Route (scenery and elevation)
Water stops (number and quality)
Stadium finish
Race shirt
Finishers coin
Post-race food and drinks
race photos/video and live video feed in stadium
Race price
7. How well marked was the route?
8. How helpful was the staff?
9. Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?
10. How likely are you to do the endurance event again?
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