Aston Martin DB5

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1. How did you first learn about James Bond’s DB5 Magazine?
2. Please give us your thoughts on the product as a whole?
Very GoodQuite GoodNot Very GoodPoor
The Part 1 package
The magazine
The model car
Your overall impression
3. What did you think of the following sections of the magazine?
Very GoodQuite GoodNot Very GoodPoor
Start the Car (instructions)
The Car’s the Star
Car Cutaway
Making OO7
Hall of Fame
4. What did you think about the choice of model components that you received with Issue 1?
Very GoodQuite GoodNot Very GoodPoor
Aston Martin Badges
Radiator Grille
Bulletproof Screen
5. If a complete version of the replica DB5 were available at a price of £1,499 can you tell us how likely you would be to buy it?
6. At a regular price of £6.99 per week, how do you rate the collection in terms of value for money?
7. How likely is it that you will continue to collect the partwork series?
8. How will you obtain your future copies of the collection?
9. Please tell us how interested you would be in building similar models of the following cars:
Very InterestedQuite InterestedNot Interested
Mustang from ‘Bullitt’
DeLorean from ‘Back To The Future’
Aston Martin DBS from ‘Casino Royale’
10. How do you rate the special gifts for people who take out a postal subscription?
Very GoodQuite GoodNot Very GoodPoor
Aston Martin book
Goldfinger DVD
Aston Martin Screwdriver
Screw Box
Magazine Binder
Omega Watch Competition
11. How would you rate these other ideas for gifts?
Very GoodQuite GoodNot Very GoodPoor
Aston Martin Cap
Aston Martin Keyring
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