McNeely Lake Park Access Road and Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements Questionnaire

The project’s proposed Purpose and Need statement is "To create a well-designed roadway and shared use path to serve all park users, enhance the park experience, provide connections between park facilities, and improve park access from surrounding neighborhoods."
1. Did you attend any of the public meetings for McNeely Lake Park master plan?
2. Please rate how important it is to connect portions of the park.
3. Do you live close to McNeely Lake Park?
4. How often do you visit McNeely Lake Park?
5. What facilities have you or members of your household used in the past 12 months at McNeely Lake Park? Select all that you have used.
6. What characteristics do you feel would make up a well-designed park roadway?
7. What characteristics do you feel would make up a well-designed shared-use path?
8. What relationship would you like to see the shared-use path and roadway have?
9. What should be the highest priority for this project?
10. Additional thoughts/comments
11. What is your age?
12. Would you like to be contacted about future meetings?
13. Name:
14. At what email address would you like to be contacted?
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