SB Post Survey 2013

1. Before attending Summer Bridge I was prepared to succeed in a university.
2. Now that I’ve attended Summer Bridge, I am better prepared to succeed at a university.
3. I am confident I will attend a university.
4. I am confident I will attend a university.
5. I have college-ready writing skills.
6. I have college-ready speaking skills.
7. I would recommend Summer Bridge to friends and classmates.
8. I can find my way around UVU's campus.
9. I plan on attending UVU after graduating high school.
10. I am aware of some of the extra-curricular opportunities available at UVU.
11. I know who to talk to on campus when I have questions or need help.
12. I am financially prepared for college or know what I need to do to obtain financial aid.
13. My Summer Bridge Classes were too easy.
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