Teacher/School Programming (formative)

The purpose of this short 3 question survey is to gather information from teachers about the types of programs you are interested in having the zoo offer. This information will help the Education Department create a strategic plan for developing future programming.
1. If Potawatomi Zoo's Education Department were to offer teacher workshops, please rate your level of interest in the program.
2. How important is earning credit for attending a teacher workshop to you?
3. Your answer to this question will help the Zoo's Education Department to prioritize future projects. Please rank the following proposed educational offerings from 1-4 with 1 being the item you would most like to see the zoo offer. If you are not interested in an item, you may leave that line blank.
Most InterestLeast Interest
Curriculum and lesson plans
Educational kits for loan (kits could include books, videos, biological artifacts, games, etc.)
Lab-style programs or a program where students use the scientific process
Long-term or continuing program in which students would have repeated contact with the zoo and/or zoo educators
4. We value your feedback, so please share any additional comments about school programming (program formats, topics, etc.) you may have.
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