The Integration of the IPAD  and Effectiveness in P-12 Education

1. Consent

"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them." Steve Jobs
You are invited to take part in a research study of “The Integration and Effectiveness of the IPAD in P-12 Education.” The purpose of this research is to capture the current use and effectiveness of the IPAD as a tool for enhancing the acquisition of the 21st Century Skills for teachers and P-12 students. The areas of focus of this research are:
Professional Development

The researcher is inviting general educators, special educators, administrators who are responsible for observing teachers, and specialists who are using the IPAD for teaching and learning.
The principal researcher for this study is Dr.Mary Ann Marvil, Specialization Coordinator for Special Education in the Richard W.Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University.

Background Information:
The purpose of this research is to capture the current status of the use of the IPAD and its effectiveness. The IPad was selected due to its popularity, accessibility and feature adaptations.

If you agree to be in this study, you will be asked to respond to a one time survey. The questions are solely based upon your professional experiences and observations with the use of the IPAD. The survey has five sections, one for each of the areas of the research.Here are some sample questions:

What are the elements that should be included in the application (APPS)
descriptions when selecting applications for the IPAD? Check all that apply

In the classrooms where the IPAD is used for instruction have you noted an
increase in any the following areas by students? Check those where a substantial
change has been observed.

Voluntary Nature of the Study:
This study is voluntary. Everyone will respect your decision of whether or not you choose to be in the study. No one at Walden University will treat you differently if you decide not to be in the study. If you decide to join the study now, you can still change your mind later.

Risks and Benefits of Being in the Study:
This survey does not require names or specific data associated with individuals. The responses are based upon your professional observations.

The results of this survey will benefit P-12 practitioners by providing shared experiences of administrators, general education teachers and special education teachers who are currently using the IPAD. The IPAD was selected due the embedded accessibility features and reported success with the use of students with disabilities.
Any information you provide will be kept confidential The researcher will not use your personal information for any purposes outside of this research project. Also, the researcher will not include your name or anything else that could identify you in the study reports. Data will be kept secure by a password protected computer. Data will be kept for a period of at least 5 years, as required by the university.

Contacts and Questions:
If you have questions, before you start you may contact the researcher via email at If you want to talk privately about your rights as a participant, you can call Dr. Leilani Endicott. She is the Walden University representative who can discuss this with you. Her phone number is 1-800-925-3368, extension 1210. Walden University’s approval number is 11-05-12-0627845.

Print a copy of this consent form for your records.

Please forward the invitation to participate to others who maybe using the IPad.

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