Reader Award Survey 2013

Welcome to our Cyclocross Magazine 2013 Reader Award Survey. This year, it was nominations from you (and some input from our editor pool) that led to the creation of this survey and the answer choices. We'd love to hear your thoughts on which riders put on the best show, which races had the best courses and, of course, which gear you just can't live without. Please take a few minutes and answer the survey, and be sure to check Cyclocross Magazine Issue 20 for the results of the reader survey along with our Editor Picks.
1. Best Rider Award (Domestic Male)
2. Best Rider Award (Domestic Female)
3. Best high-end canti brake
4. Best cyclocross disc brake
5. Best overall bike
6. Dream bike
7. Best brake on the cheap
8. Best toolbox accessory
9. Best pedals
10. Best gear trend
11. Best snack food
12. Best affordable wheels
13. Domestic event of the year
14. Event most likely to leave your head hurting
15. International event of the year
16. Best venue
17. Best new event
18. Favorite team
19. Controversial moment
20. Favorite CXM feature article
21. Most improved rider
22. Most exciting domestic race
23. Best helmet
24. Best shoe brand
25. Best embrocation
26. Best clincher
27. Best tubular
28. Favorite Euro Male
29. Favorite Euro Female
30. Best mud clincher
31. Best mud tubular
32. Best edible recovery product
33. Favorite wearable recovery product
34. Best 'friction fighter'
35. Best regional series
36. Best 'cross breeding ground
37. Favorite clothing brand
38. Favorite online retailer
39. Best idea for a new SSCXWC obstacle
40. Wish embro would smell like…
41. Who would you most like to see race 'cross
42. Best drivetrain
43. Best team name
44. Cyclocross experience bucket list
45. Best budget bike (under $1500)
46. Best mid-level bike ($1500-2900)
47. Best "working man pro" bike ($2900-3500)
48. Best "pro" bike (+$3500)
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