General Assembly Assessment

1. What was the date of the General Assembly you are currently addressing?
Enter date:
2. Please rate these aspects of the general assembly from your perspective
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
People were respectful of others
I feel like Occupy Edmonton meetings are a safe space to voice my opinions
The meeting was efficient and timely
3. Did you experience any of these behaviors?
Being talked over
Being talked at
Having your ideas ignored
Someone taking credit for your ideas or work
Select people dominating the conversation
Temper tantrums
Having your beliefs or questions mocked/undermined through laughter, eye-rolling, grumbling, etc
Being expected to fill gendered roles
Inappropriate gender comments
Inappropriate sexualized comments
Racialized sexualization
Heteronormative sexualization of queer women
Unwanted attention
Unwanted touching
Retaliation/Punishment for unreciprocated attention/feelings.
Victim Blaming
Indecent Exposure
4. Any additional comments?
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