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How old are you?
What’s your relationship status?
Which summer outfit gets you horny at first sight?
Which body part do you immediately check out?
How do you want her to let you know she’s horny this instant?
When would you most like your girl to ambush you?
What kind of kiss gets you going?
The hottest thing she can wear to bed is:
On most nights, who would you rather initiate the action?
What should she whisper in your ear to let you know she’s randy?
What turns you on more?
Which hoo-ha hairstyle is sexiest?
The first time she touches your package, you prefer:
What’s the hottest way for her to initiate oral sex?
When you’re getting busy, do you want the lights...
How can she make oral sex unforgettable?
What’s the best way for a girl to let you know that what she wants you to do next?
What’s your biggest in-bed pet peeve?
Who should reach for the lube during sex?
Which of these is your favorite sex position?
If you could only have one type of foreplay for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Let’s say you could only have sex at one time in the day. When would you choose to do it?
If you could only hear a woman make one type of noise in bed, which would it be?
Which provides the hottest view of her body?
Which sweet spot do you wish she’d pay more attention to?
Where should she grab onto you when you’re on top?
Which adventurous spot do you secretly wish your girl would explore?
What’s the best way to receive oral sex?
Ideally, how long would you like foreplay to last?
What doggie-style position is the sexiest?
What’s the hottest thing a girl could do while you’re going down on her?
If you had to could only have one type of sex which would you choose?
When she touches your penis, what do you usually want more of?
If a move isn’t working for you, how do you let her know?
When is the hottest moment for a girl to make eye contact?
The best thing she can do after sex is:
What’s your number one fantasy?
Which dirty deed would you be most psyched for your girl to try?
If you can’t be together, what’s your long-distance hook-up preference?
What role play scenario would like you try in bed?
When it comes to porn, how would you most like to use it in your sex life?
What light level of S&M would you want to try with your girl?
What personality trait in a bedmate could you not live without?
Where else in the house, besides the bedroom, do you most want to have sex?
What sex prop would you be most psyched if she brought it to bed?
If she wanted to use a vibrator during sex, what’s the hottest way she could suggest it?
If you two were to hook up in a semipublic place, where would you choose?
What should she say to make you explode?
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