MyBCH Patient Portal Survey

1. How easy was the registration process for MyBCH?
2. How easy was it for you to find the information you were looking for on MyBCH?
3. Would you use MyBCH Health Services to access your health information in the future?
4. If you are not likely to use MyBCH, why not?
5. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience using MyBCH?
6. Is the descriptive content on the top of each page clear and easy to understand? If not, do you have suggestions for changing this content?
7. Do you feel that the content of your health record was accurate and complete (e.g. Health Summary, Results, Reports, Medications, Allergies, etc.)
8. What do you like most about MyBCH Health Services?
9. How can we improve MyBCH Health Services?
10. If you are willing to be contacted for follow-up questions, please provide your contact information
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