Galcon Survey


1. What is your favorite flavor of Galcon?
2. How many hours do you play Galcon every week?
3. Roughly how long have you been playing Galcon?
4. How did you hear about Galcon?
5. Why did you buy Galcon?
6. What game achievement systems would you like to see added to Galcon?
7. Would you invite friends from that achievement system to play Galcon with you?
8. What kinds of "In App Purchases" would you make in Galcon?
9. Would you buy a single player campaign edition of Galcon?
10. Would you be interested in a freemium MMO version of Galcon?
11. What would get more of your friends to buy Galcon?
12. Would you join a super-fan-club mailing list to get in on more betas / surveys / whatever?
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