ISTAT Americas 2017 Post-Event Survey
1. Please rate the following aspects of ISTAT Americas 2017 - Conference and Hotel:
Very GoodGoodNeutralPoorVery PoorDoes Not Apply
Location - San Diego, CA, USA
Advance Registration Process
NEW Onsite Registration Process
Housing Reservation Process
The Hub
Jet Fuel Cafe
2. Please rate the value of the content shared during the following sessions:
Very GoodGoodNeutralPoorVery PoorDid Not Attend
Keynote Address - Adam Pilarksi
Large Aircraft Panel
The Future of Air Cargo
Regional Aircraft Panel
Monday Lessor Panel
Appraiser Panel
Part-out Economics vs. Economic Lives
Airline Panel
Finance Panel
Lessor CEO Panel
3. What additional topics would you like to see covered at future ISTAT events?
4. With 1 being most desired and 7 being least desired, please rank these potential future ISTAT Americas locations.
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Diego
5. What type of location do you prefer as the location for the next ISTAT Americas conference?
6. Did you attend the ISTAT Appraisers 101 Session on Sunday, 5 March?
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