2014 Steer Dinner Feedback

1. Approximately, how many Steer Dinners have you attended in the 38 year history of the event?
2. How was your overall experience at Steer Dinner?
3. How was your overall "check in" experience at the event? (getting your bid number/program book)
4. What type of Live and Silent auction items do you want to bid on at Steer Dinner? (Please rank in order of important: 1 being most favored.)
Concerts/sporting events
Signed sports memorabilia
Restaurant gift cards
Original artwork
Household/décor items
I do not typically bid on items at charity events
5. How was the overall quality of the food?
6. Were the student and adult volunteers helpful and friendly?
7. How was your overall "check out" experience? (paying for auction items, SOLD commitments, etc)
8. If in the future, Steer Dinner was to change locations, which part of the city would deter you from attending?
9. How was your overall parking experience?
10. How can we improve the Steer Dinner experience?
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