Akron Civic Theatre Patron Satisfaction Survey

How Are We Doing?

The Akron Civic Theatre is committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our patrons. Please take a moment to complete this survey and let us know how we did.
1. For which event did you attend The Civic?
2. Please rate the following aspects of your experience.
Ticket Buying (Box Office, Phone, On-Line)
Ticket Price
Quality of Performance
Arrival and Seating
Food and Beverage Service
3. Overall, how do you rate the quality of your experience at the Akron Civic Theatre?
4. What can we do to improve your experience?
5. This survey is anonymous. Please enter your e-mail address if you would like us to respond or if you would like to receive weekly e-mail updates on our programming. (Check one or both.)
6. If you were us and had to choose just one way to communicate with you about our events, which would you choose?
7. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your experience at the Akron Civic Theatre?
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