Academic Affairs Summer Meeting 2014: Call For Proposals
AASCU Academic Affairs Summer Meeting 2014
Harbor Beach Marriott
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
July 31 - August 2, 2014


Welcome to the AASCU Academic Affairs Summer Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I appreciate your interest in making a proposal for the conference.

July 31 – August 2, 2014. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Conference theme: Fostering Student Success: Programs and Practices

The theme for AASCU’s Academic Affairs Summer Meeting in late July is “Fostering Student Success: Programs and Practices.”

Now, as never before, the issue of student success, which is linked to retention and graduation, has assumed a position of prominence in the national dialogue about higher education. Student success is increasingly being tied to national success in a global economy. In an era of flat or decreasing enrollments, student success is also deeply connected to institutional success.

This summer’s conference will explore student success across the continuum, examining programs and practices in a variety of categories:
1. College readiness, including working with P-12 schools and including summer bridge programs
2. Tracking student progress
3. Providing comprehensive student support, including outreach to non-completers
4. Streamlining programs and attending to bottlenecks and obstacles
5. Developing innovative financial practices, including creating transparent financial aid
6. Designing engaging academic and non-academic experiences
7. Building connections to and tracking post-graduation employment.

Two other categories are implied by this listing:
8. A robust technology infrastructure for enrolling students, providing a broad array of data analytics, increasing personalization of pathways through specific courses, and offering electronic tutoring and advising support.
9. A supportive campus culture.

We will be highlighting examples of all of these programs and practices in our summer conference.

In addition to the presentations that are related to the theme of this summer’s conference, we will also have presentations and discussions about the wide range of issues that chief academic officers and their colleagues have to address daily: faculty hiring and development, new course design and development, workshop for new provosts, international education, first year programs, strategic planning, preparing for the presidential search, the latest developments in online education, teacher education, and a variety of other contemporary issues.

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