HY 2013 Survey

1. What Heavyocity products do you currently own?
2. Which of the following versions of Kontakt do you currently own?
3. What is your DAW of choice?
4. What is your sampler of choice?
5. Would you use a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) in your production process?
6. I would like to see new Heavyocity content compatible with the following formats:
7. Please rate your favorite Heavyocity content type on a scale from 1 to 4:
Least Favorite (1)Favorite (4)
Melodic Instruments
Ambient Pads and FX
Tonal Loops
Stings and Transitions
Percussive Loops
Percussive Kits
8. Do you prefer to purchase bundled content (various instruments/samples in one
product) or individual instrument/sample packs?
9. What product should Heavyocity release next?
10. Please enter your information for a chance to win!
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