Urbandale Public Library Art Gallery Survey

Thank you for your recent visit to the Urbandale Public Library Art Gallery. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please take a few minutes to answer our survey. It will help us plan future exhibits and programs.
1. What prompted you to visit the Urbandale Public Library Art Gallery?
2. How would you prefer to receive updates about exhibits, programs and gallery events?
3. Overall, how would your rate your satisfaction with the gallery?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedDisastisfied
Satisfaction with exhibits
4. What types of exhibits would you like to see?
5. Did you know the pieces on display are available for purchase?
6. Purchasing art while it is on display helps to fund the gallery. How likely does this information influence your decision to purchase art from the gallery?
7. Have you visited the gallery website at www.urbandalepubliclibraryartgallery.weebly.com?
8. If yes, how satisfied were you with the website?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedDisatisfied
Ease of Use
9. What could be done to improve the website?
10. Have you liked us on Facebook?

11. The Library Gallery hosted a series of art programs throughout the spring and summer. Did you attend any of the programs?
12. If yes, which program or programs did you attend?
13. Art programs have been held on the third Sunday of the month at 2 p.m. Do you feel this is a convenient time for these programs?
14. What days and times would you prefer for art programs?

15. What other types of programs would you like to see in the future?

16. If you are an artist, would you be interested in exhibiting your work or presenting a program?
17. If yes, please provide contact information consisting of an email address or phone number. For more information on exhibiting, please go to our website at www.urbandalepubliclibraryartgallery.weebly.com.
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