UNM - 2014 Teaching Awards

1. Teaching Awards Nomination Form

Nominees will be notified by the Center for Teaching Excellence and provided the opportunity to submit a portfolio for evaluation by the Faculty Senate Teaching Enhancement Committee. Nominations for the Susan-Deese Roberts Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award are made by department chairs; please make your suggestions for a TA award to his or her department chair.
1. Name of instructor that you are nominating:
2. Academic rank of the instructor that you are nominating (Note: Graduate-student teaching assistants must be nominated by their departments, not by individuals):
3. I am nominating this instructor for the following award or awards.
4. Department where the nominated instructor teaches:
5. Reason why you are nominating this person for a teaching award (optional; up to 100 words):
6. You are a (an):
7. Nominations can be anonymous. However, if you wish to receive confirmation of the receipt of your nomination, please provide your name and email address.
8. Nominees sometimes ask to know who nominated them, so that they can contact the nominator for a reference letter, to express appreciation for the recognition, or both. If your nominee asks, should we share your name with her or him?
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