The University of Mississippi School of Law CLEO Program 2013

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Gender:
4. Age:
5. Cell phone number:
6. Gmail account email address:
7. Emergency contact information:
8. Do you have health insurance?
9. If yes, please enter the following:
10. Will you have a vehicle with you while at The University of Mississippi School of Law CLEO program?
11. If you are flying into Memphis, when does your flight arrive and depart at the end of the program? PLEASE NOTE: IF THERE ARE ANY CHANGES IN THIS INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE DIRECTOR IMMEDIATELY.
12. The next few questions will be used to pair you with a roommate.
Personal living style:
13. I prefer to live with a:
14. I prefer to live with a:
15. Are you planning on bringing a laptop?
16. Do you have any food allergies? If yes, please explain.
17. Do you require vegetarian meals?
18. My law school admissions status is:
19. Do you wish to continue exploring law school options for 2012?
20. I have been accepted to the following law schools:
21. I have been wait-listed at the following law schools:
22. I have been admitted conditionally to the following law schools:
23. If you have been admitted conditionally, what are the conditions of admittance?
24. I am waiting to hear back from the following law schools:
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