Media Industry Survey

1. What is your role in the media trading process?
2. From this list please rank your key industry issues? (1 = highest)
Audience Measurement - standardisation & methodologies for individual & cross platform media channel planning
Recruitment & Retention - finding & retaining quality & relevant people resources
Keeping Up to Date - with constantly evolving market trends & initiatives
Tracking media ROI & attribution across channels - proving effectiveness of media/channel activity
Cost of continually evolving technology & research
Fragmenting Market & Increased Competition - from other media & channels ie social & owned media
Contracting Marketing Spend/Margins - finding an effective & sustainable business model
Disconnect & lack of recognition of needs & expectations between client, agency & media
Billing structures - time & resources required verses monetary return
Increased focus on media ROI rather than brand benefits
Issues surrounding data ownership & privacy
Limited scope for outside the square or new opportunities
3. Please outline why you've chosen your Number 1 Issue?:
4. What other issue(s) would you like to highlight?
5. From this list please rank your key solutions? (1 = Highest)
Multi Channel Automated Buying Platform - to streamline & simplify media trading process
Ongoing Training, talent pool development & accreditation for required evolving skillsets
Industry-wide Structural Change surrounding payment & agency renumeration models
Multi Channel Planning & Campaign Measurement Platform
Increased focus & education surrounding benefits of paid advertising & individual media channels
Client Education - The development & implementation of an industry endorsed education program on media
Internal Restructure of Roles - A review of the legacy structures, roles & responsibilities to reflect the changing strategic requirements of media
Amalgamation & Alliances across key areas such as research & data collection
Industry driven regulation surrounding data ownership & privacy
Incentives for innovation & first to market opportunities
Increased recognition of media opportunities across entire Australian media & advertising landscape
6. Please outline why you've chosen your Number 1 solution:
7. What other solution(s) would you like to highlight?
8. What further views on the media, advertising & marketing industry would you like to share?
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Thank you for your involvement in this media industry survey. We look forward to sharing survey findings with you - from the TrinityP3 team and MediaScope.
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