Town of Carrboro Website Redesign Survey

The Town of Carrboro is redesigning our website. Please take this short survey and tell us what you think!

Two survey participants, randomly drawn, will win a Tervis tumbler with the Town's new logo!

You can also e-mail the Town anytime with ideas at:
I use the Town of Carrboro’s web site
Which of the following best describes you as a website user? (please rank or choose N/A; 1 = you most frequently visit as this type of user)
N/AA resident of Carrboro or potential new resident
N/AResident of a neighboring community
N/AA Carrboro Business owner or someone doing business in Carrboro
N/AA visitor
What type of information are you trying to find? (please rank or choose N/A; 1 = most often)
N/ACarrboro Government (Information/Meetings/Announcements/Calendars)
N/AMaps/GIS/Property Information
N/AResidential Services – Recycling, Trash Collection and Other
N/ACommunity Events and Recreation
N/AAgendas and Minutes for the Board of Aldermen and Advisory Boards
How do you prefer to obtain Town-related information? (please rank or choose N/A; 1 = most preferred)
N/ASubscribe to an RSS feed about a topic
N/ASocial Media
N/ASubscribe to an e-mail/notify service about topics of interest
N/ATown website browsing
N/ASearch using Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
How do you enter the Town of Carrboro's web site? (please rank or choose N/A; 1 = most frequent method)
N/AFrom another web site
N/AFrom a search engine
N/AFrom the front page of the site
N/ABy typing in the web address
N/AFrom a bookmark
When you look for information on the Town’s website, do you look by Town Department, such as Public Works, Recreation and Parks and so on?
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