Food Business Survey

1. Do you contact your health inspector when you have a food safety question? Why or why not?
2. What would help you get a better score on your inspection? How can the inspection process be improved?
3. Do you understand the City and State Food Codes? What would help you to understand the food code better?
4. These are on the City's website? food safety training videos, self-inspection logs and temperature logs. Have you used them? Were they helpful?
5. The Health Department would like to recognize businesses that work hard to practice safe food handling and have excellent health inspections. Do you support the City naming businesses on Twitter or Facebook that have excellent inspections?
6. How do you want to get information about inspection issues and food safey?
7. What can the Minneapolis Health Department do better?
8. What is the Minneapolis Health Department doing well?
9. What makes you proud of your restaurant? Why do you own a restaurant?
10. Please describe your restaurant: Type of food, number of employees and number of seats.
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