The Oakland Press focus group survey

1. What is your name?
2. Email address?
3. Phone number?
4. What community do you reside in?
5. Are you a print reader or do you consume news online?
6. Do you only want to read news specific to your community or do you appreciate also reading news from across the county, state and nation, as well as in Oakland County?
7. Do you watch local news videos, listen to audio, read community blogs, participate in polls, comment on stories, or appreciate a locator map and hyperlinks to related content?
8. Are you active on social media and share information and news links?
9. What social media do you use?
10. What kind of stories are you more likely to comment on online and/or on Facebook?
11. Would you like to contribute content to your local newspaper and website serving the community?
12. What are we doing well?
13. What do we need to improve on?
14. How do you think you could contribute?
15. What do we need to do to earn your loyalty?
16. What makes you want to engage with us on social media (commenting on Facebook and Twitter)?
17. What keeps you coming to our website?
18. What news websites do you read most?
19. What kinds of stories would you like to see more of?
20. What on our website/in print do you not like or wish there was less stories about?
21. Are you a print subscriber?
22. Have you watched News at Noon on
23. Have you visited the MiPrepZone/Oakland website?
24. Have you heard of the Community Media Lab?
25. Are you interested in becoming a blogging partner?
26. Any other comments?
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