The 3rd Annual Fink's Diamond Dash | Roanoke Survey

1. Event Feedback

Thank you again for attending The 3rd Annual Fink's Diamond Dash!

Did you have fun? We'd love to know! Please take a few minutes to complete our brief survey.

The 3rd Annual Fink's Diamond Dash Team

1. Please choose the most applicable definition of you and your teammate's relationship:
2. Did you pick up the in-store hint?
3. Please describe how well you felt you understood:
Very ConfusedFairPerfectly
The Website
Email Communications
How to Play (before event day)
Kickoff Instructions
Playing the Game
The Challenges
4. Did you watch the 'How-to-Play' video? If yes, please rate the following:
Strongly DisagreeStrongly Agree
Accurate to Event
5. How much fun did you have?
No Fun at AllA Fair AmountSo Much FUN!
Fun Level
6. It was a blast to host this event. Would you play again next year?
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