Young people survey

1. How old are you?
2. What is your gender?
3. Which region do you live in?
4. Do you currently have PAID or UNPAID work? (If not, please skip to question 11)
5. If yes how many paid and unpaid jobs do you have?
6. If you have more than one job, would you prefer to have a single paid job which allowed you to work the total numbers of hours you would like to work?
7. Which best describes your main job?
8. How many jobs did you apply for before you got your main job?
9. Over what period?
10. How much do you earn per year?
11. If no, how many jobs have you applied for since you started looking for paid work?
12. Do you feel confident about having a paid job in a year's time?
13. Approximately how much debt are you in? This can include education fees and loans from family and friends.
14. Which best describes your current living situation?
15. Is your current living situation determined by
16. If you pay rent, how much is your rent per month?
17. Are you in UNISON or another trade union
18. Do you feel like the government is doing enough to help young people cope with the effects of the recession?
19. If no, which THREE areas are your priorities for the government to provide young people more help on?
20. How do you feel about your future?
21. How will you vote in the next general election?
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