2014 Trees for Neighborhoods Application

Thank you for applying for Trees for Neighborhoods! Please review the program details and instructions here before completing this application. Please also review the details about all trees before making your selections and pay particular attention to tree height and width at maturity. Details and photos of available trees can be found here.

If you have questions, email us at TreesforNeighborhoods@seattle.gov or call us at 206-615-1668.
1. First name
2. Last Name
3. First name of second person, if applicable
4. Last name of second person, if applicable
5. Street address where trees will be planted - Must be a physical address in Seattle. Cannot be a PO Box.
6. 5-digit zip code
7. Is this a rental property?
8. If this is a rental, are you the property owner or the renter?
9. Phone number
10. Email address
*Email is our primary communication method. Your email will only be used for this program.
11. Please select one of the following dates to pick up your trees and attend a planting demonstration.

All events will be held at the University of Washington's Botanic Gardens. You can come anytime during the hours listed below. Expect to be there for up to 1 hour.
12. Limit 4 trees per household*. Trees are subject to availability and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Street tree applications are now CLOSED. You may still apply for trees to plant in your yard.

*Households may only apply for 1 Montmorency cherry tree. Cherry trees cannot be planted as street trees.

Pay attention to the height/spread measurements provided in feet for each species when making your selections! Details on available trees can be found here. SERVICEBERRY, VINE MAPLE, PERSIAN PARROTIA, AMERICAN HORNBEAM, INCENSE CEDAR, MONTMORENCY CHERRY, BLACK TUPELO, SILVER LINDEN, TULIP TREE ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. You may still apply for sold out trees, but will be placed on a waitlist. More trees may become available, but receiving trees is subject to your position on the waitlist. In 2013, more than 30% of people on the waitlist received a tree.

SpeciesIs this a street tree?
Tree #1
Tree #2
Tree #3
Tree #4
13. STREET TREES:If you are planting street trees, please tell us where you intend to plant each tree. Include general locations to help permitting arborist. If you leave this blank, arborists will mark locations best suited for a street tree. STREET TREE APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. PLEASE LEAVE BLANK.
14. Please use this space to include any additional comments about your application. If you have additional questions, email us at treesforneighborhoods@seattle.gov.