Orientation Spring 2013 Student

1. What type of orientation did you attend?
2. Did orientation succeed in making you feel welcome at UCCS?
3. What was your favorite part of orientation? Why?
4. After attending orientation, rate how familiar you are with completing the following items.
5 - Familiar4 - Somewhat familiar3 - Neither familiar or unfamiliar2 - Somewhat unfamiliar1 - Unfamiliar
Selecting a course
Registering for classes
Adding a class
Dropping a class
Withdrawing from a class
Using the Degree Audit Report System (DARS)
Finding the classes you need to take to fulfill your degree requirements
5. After attending orientation, how familiar are you with the following?
5 - Familiar4 - Somewhat familiar3 - Neither familiar nor unfamiliar2 - Somewhat unfamiliar1 - Unfamiliar
Academic Centers for Excellence
Answering email
Campus sustainability
Clubs and Organizations
Financial Aid
First Year Experience
Freshman Seminar
Leadership Opportunities
Paying your bill online
Public Safety
Recreation Center
Student Life & Leadership/ROAR Office
6. How was your orientation experience?
7. Please write in any questions or comments you would like to share about your orientation experience.
8. Did you attend a Veteran and Military Orientation prior to transfer orientation? If no, survey is complete, please submit survey at the bottom of the screen.
9. Please indicate your military affiliation.
10. Please indicate your agreement with the statement: The veteran and military orientation helped me understand what I need to do for education benefits processing at UCCS.
11. Please indicate your agreement with the following: The veteran/military orientation helped me feel more comfortable about taking classes at UCCS as a military or veteran student.
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