Smith School of Business EMBA Alumni Survey

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our Smith School Executive MBA Alumni Survey. Based on initial feedback from Alumni, we'd like to gather opinions from as many of our EMBA alumni as possible. Our goal is to build and help to support connectivity and life-long learning for our alums, and your participation will help to shape our community.
1. How would you rate your interest in and level of satisfaction with your ability to connect with the Smith School, as it relates to:
connecting with EMBA Alumni:
participating in Alumni events:
connecting with former EMBA faculty:
joining the Smith community for events:
receiving relevant information:
connecting with Career Services to hire students:
2. We'd like to build a vibrant community for our EMBA Alumni - connecting you with Alumni in your cohort, across cohorts, and other MBA programs at Smith, and the faculty and staff at the Smith School. Given the options below, rate each according to which social media platform you believe is the best method (best=1, worst =4) for building this connectivity.
The BestJust OKPoorThe Worst
3. Are you interested in life-long learning opportunities from the Smith School (e.g., one-day sessions, alumni events with speakers, etc.), and how would like to see those delivered?
Degree of Interest
In Person Programs
Virtual Programs (i.e., webinars)
4. If you are interested in life-long learning opportunities, what types of programs/topics are of most interest to you (add as many as you would like)?
5. How often do you read our Smith EMBA newsletter?
6. Do you have suggestions on how we could improve our newsletter?
7. If we were to ask for your engagement to help improve the Smith EMBA program, what efforts would you be interested in? (check all that apply)
8. If you have any other suggestions to help us improve the stature and impact of our Executive MBA program, please provide them here.
9. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, your time and commitment will help us to continuously improve. Have a great week!
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