2013 PDP Survey

Instructor/User Survey for PDP books

If you are not the person who uses PDP in your school, please forward this survey.

At SkillsUSA, we strive to improve our curriculum materials. We want to ensure that our materials stay relevant, are user friendly and meet your needs as well as the needs of your students. To help us maintain that level of customer satisfaction, we are asking instructors who use the Professional Development Program (PDP) workbooks and Instructor’s Guide to take this survey. We will use the results to revise the current program so it remains current and one of the leading sources for teaching employability skills.

If you use the PDP Online, please do not take this survey. A separate survey specifically for the online version will be conducted at a later date.
1. What subject area do you teach?
2. What grade or grades do you teach?
3. How long have you been involved with SkillsUSA?
4. How long have you been using the PDP curriculum?
5. Which PDP levels do you use the most? (you can choose more than one)

6. How far do your students typically progress in PDP?

7. Do you use the PDP Instructor’s Guide?
8. Do you offer PDP to all of your students?
9. Why do you use PDP?
10. Is PDP integrated into your class work?
11. Do you use the PDP curriculum as a stand alone course?
12. How much class time do you set aside for PDP a week?
13. I teach PDP
14. Have you referred to the Special Needs adaptation section of PDP?
15. Do you use the additional lesson plans provided in the appendix?
16. Do you recognize/award students for completing levels of PDP?
17. How satisfied are you with the current PDP?

18. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Starter Kit
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Research career interests
Identify personal interests
Engage in a team negotiation activity
Identify effective workplace communication skills
Describe workplace components
Design, conduct and evaluate a survey
Recognize stress factors
Identify personal qualities that are desirable for the workplace
Recognize the importance of goals
Produce a list of potential volunteer activities
Evaluate professional development traits
19. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Level 1
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Complete a self-assessment and identify individual learning styles
Discover self-motivation techniques and establish short-term goals
Determine individual time-management skills
Define future occupations
Develop awareness of cultural diversity and equity issues
Define the customer
Recognize benefits of doing a community service project
Demonstrate effective communication with others
Participate in a shadowing activity
Identify the components of an employment portfolio
Explore what’s ethical in the workplace or school
List proficiency in program competencies
20. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Level 2
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Measure/modify short-term goals
Identify stress sources
Select characteristics of a positive image
Demonstrate awareness of government
Demonstrate awareness of professional organizations and trade unions
Apply team skills to a group project
Observe and critique a meeting
Demonstrate business meeting skills
Explore workplace ethics: codes of conduct
Demonstrate social etiquette
Complete a survey for employment opportunities
Review a professional journal and develop a three- to five-minute presentation
Identify customer expectations
Complete a job application
Identify a mentor
Assemble your employment portfolio
Explore supervisory and management roles in an organization
Recognize safety issues
Employability Skills: Evaluate program comprehension
21. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Level 3
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Evaluate your career and training goals
Market your career choice
Develop personal financial skills
Serve as a volunteer in the community
Develop a business plan
Conduct a worker interview
Research résumé writing
Demonstrate interviewing skills
Understand the cost of customer service
Identify and apply conflict resolution skills
Demonstrate evaluation skills
Examine workplace ethics: the role of values in making decisions
Perform a skill demonstration
Exercise your right to know
Update program competencies
22. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Level 4
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Predict employment trends
Re-evaluate career goals and establish long-term goals
Examine ethics and values in the workplace
Develop a working relationship with a mentor
Illustrate an organizational structure
Construct a job search network
Plan and implement a leadership project
Investigate entrepreneurship opportunities
Develop customer service skills
Apply supervisory skills
Manage a project and evaluate others
Evaluate professional competencies
Organize your employment portfolio
23. Please rate how often you use the following competencies from the PDP Level 5
Never useUse occasionallyAlways useNot relevant
Develop and make a presentation promoting your career choice
Analyze your entry-level job skills
Maximize customer service skills
Design and present a lesson plan on an aspect of your career choice
Write an article for a professional journal in your career area
Refine your employment portfolio
24. Are the activities sufficient?
25. Do you use additional material to supplement the PDP program?
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